Limitations of whatsapp

I’ve recently discovered a number of very annoying limitation to WhatsApp that are making me question my use of it:

1. It’s impossible to export your chat history, except for one conversation at a time. The only exception to this is if you root an android phone which gives you access to the raw database.

2. It’s impossible to move chat history from an android device to an iOS device. And moving from ios to android is only possible with certain samsung phones.

3. It’s impossible to access WhatsApp from more than one phone at once. This is mostly still true with this update. You cannot use the mobile app as a “companion device”.

Do people not consider their chat histories valuable? I have my SMS history going back to 2011 (when I first got an android phone). Email can be archived. Facebook messenger keeps messages in perpetuity. WhatsApp is a frustrating outlier here.

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